How to Start a Security Agency Business

A security agency business comes with immense responsibility and dependability as you are responsible for providing security personnel and related consultancy services to others.From politicians to businessmen, shopkeepers to rich people and schools and other private firms, all need security personnel for event security, close protection and safety of their lives and properties from external threats.

The main purpose of starting a security agency business is to provide private protection to people who require it for their own piece of mind and satisfaction. As the owner of a security agency, you will provide security agents or bodyguards, consultancy services and various tools and applications for various proposes such as close protection, entrance staff for licensed premises and business property protection and keep a check of things overall. has a complete set of articles that can help you start a security agency business the best way for a rewarding career. The rise of terrorism and uncertain political and civil conditions all over the world have increased the need for security and safety and you can earn good profits by proving excellent and vigilant security services.

  1. Starting a security agency business
  2. Important things for setting up a security agency
  3. Types of security services offered by agencies
  4. Financing your security agency business
  5. Writing a security agency business plan

It is necessary that you have some basic knowledge and training regarding security ways. From handling a weapon to come up with means and methods to secure premises and organize staff are some things very important you need to know before starting a security agency business. While this business is ideal for retired air force, army and police personnel who are experts in combat and know all about security and how to make a place secure, you can also avail the opportunity to start this  business by hiring an expert to run the show for you.

You can supply the investment and hire an expert ex-force man to handle all the other important aspects such as recruiting guards or security men, implementing security measure and handling the weapons. It is important to make sure that all the set up process goes through legal system too as it can cause problems later on if you are not careful.

It is necessary that first of all you obtain a license for starting a security agency as it is a sensitive business and require the use of weapons. After that, you take on people who are experienced in field of combat and have relevant experience, physique and professional degrees to make good body guards and act on their own when needed.Hiring the right people to work for you, promoting your security agency business and providing the best security services can help you establish a very successful security agency.


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