Setting Up a Juice Bar Business

If you are looking for an ideal business to start that doesn’t need much work but produces good results, a juice bar is an idea you can serious give thought too. With more and more people becoming health conscious, a juice business is the need of the day. You can create your own income stream and cash in on the juice and smoothie business by being your own boss.

Every day, more people, both young and adults are turning conscious regarding the amount of nutrition that goes in their bodies. Their reasons for fitness vary from general fitness to wanting to look slimmer and great to avoiding diseases, improving overall vitality and wanting to live longer. With this shift that focuses more on healthy drinking, avoiding unnatural addictives and preservatives, a fruit and vegetable juice business is a very rewarding and satisfying one.

How to Start a Juice Bar Business
You can easily start a juice business entirely on your own if you have a little experience about juice preparation from working in a juice bar; however, it is not a necessity. You can also buy an existing business or get a juice bar franchise.

All you need to start a juice bar business is basic knowledge about fruits and vegetables and how they can be used for keeping the body healthy. You might need to read some books and attend some classes where they teach preparing juices and using the right ingredients for a perfect blend. All in all, it’s not a very difficult job.

Preparing Menu for Juice Bar Business
You don’t necessarily have to be a nutritionist or hold a health science degree to know that fruits and vegetables are good for the body and which fruits and vegetables would make the best nutritious drink. You can sell a variety of juices from apples, carrots, oranges, bananas, celery, melons and other fruits and vegetables. You can purchase juice wholesale from fruits and vegetable juice manufacturers or distributor or do the juicing as needed.

You can add vitamins, health supplements and other important ingredients for their immunity boosting or antioxidizing effects that will sell very nicely. However, it is necessary to make an eye catching and attractive menu that lists the drinks along with their descriptions to encourage customers to try them. One such example is Apple-Banana Energy Drink.

Juice Bar Location
It is best to start your juice bar at a place that is frequented by people, it can be a mall, a tourist attraction, office building, airport, hotel, school, beach area, public market, health club and fitness centers where people are likely to try your juice drinks.

It is necessary that you make an effort to attract customers by offering them a vast variety of juices and even giving them an option to choose their own fruits and vegetables for their own blend.

Juice Bar Startup Cost and Profit Margin
The startup cost for a juice bar business will depend on how much money you have or how big juice bar you want to open.You will need money for equipment such as blenders, juicers and coolers, rent, advertising and getting the necessary license and permit.

Your profit margin will depend on how much juice you sell minus the cost of your ingredients and overhead expenses. Adding up other varieties of food and drinks can boost your sales and profits such as healthy vegetable sandwiches, salads and smoothies.

With hard work, providing a unique blend of juices and offering other things that boost health and provide the right flavor, you can have a very profitable and successful juice bar business in your hands. Setting up a juice bar business needs careful planning and preparation and once you cover all the important aspects of opening at the right location, offering a mix variety of menu and calculating your costs and profits, you can have a thriving venture.


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