How to Start an Air Charter Service

If you are thinking on how to start an air charter service business then this article will help you. An air charter service business is a type of business which is in charge of renting an aircraft to various clients. An air charter service business provides private air craft, air ambulance and cargo for rent.

Following guidelines will explain you how to start an air charter service.

There are lots of rules and regulations involved in an air carter service business. You must secure a license from the Chamber of Commerce in order to start this business. Since you will be renting an aircraft to your clients therefore you must ensure that it meets all safety standards.

A huge start-up cost is involved in an air charter service business. The start-up cost will include the purchase of an aircraft, cost of acquiring a license and lease and other miscellaneous expenditures. Therefore you must make some efforts to obtain finance for your business. You may apply for a loan from the bank. You may also seek financial assistance from the Small and Medium Business Administration.

In order to carry out your business operations, you must locate an airport. After selecting an airport, the next step is to find customers. There are various suppliers who can be your potential clients since they require an air charter service to deliver various products.

Insurance of an aircraft is also very important in running an air charter service business. Therefore you should make it sure that you have signed an insurance agreement before starting this business. In order to operate your air charter service business, you also require a handful of technical and administration staff. You need a pilot to operate a jet aircraft as well as mechanics to deal with various technical issues. In order to supervise office work, you will need an accountant, reservation agent and other office staff.

Attracting customers at the beginning of every business is difficult therefore you must put some efforts to attract potential customers. You may advertise your air charter service business in order to increase awareness of your business. Your air charter service business might appeal more customers towards it if you charge low price at the beginning.

Starting an aircraft charter service is therefore an all encompassing task which requires your dedication. If this article has build your understanding on how to start an aircraft service then you can start and run it successfully.


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