How to Start a Hot Shot Truck Business

Hot shot trucks services are used to deliver cargo in situations where people have to save time and urgent timely delivery is the priority. These services are really beneficial for industries that want to deliver their cargo in a short time to a certain place due to some critical need. Hot shot truck service is different from a regular service. In hot shot truck service, in order to consume less time; no breaks are taken between picking a load till its safe delivery. This business is a time critical one in which efficiency is highly increased to save time for fulfilling client’s urgent transportation demands. Due to its imperative nature these services are really different than regular transportation services.


In hot shot truck business efficiency and time are considered as key factors for success. If you think you can successfully handle these two factors, then starting a hot shot truck business is an appropriate option for you. Most people are curious to know how to start hot shot truck service. First step for starting this business is that you have an expeditor or hot shot trucks for delivering cargo in the required time frame. Most people lease themselves to a trucking company for making speedy profits. Trucking Company searches the entire load for you and also manages any bill which is due. The trend of this business is that you can keep eighty percent of the profit with you and twenty percent of the profit is given to the trucking company.

Select a trucking company and contact its terminal manager. Submit your application to him. After your application gets accepted, you have to pass a complete medical exam and drug test too. The entire process of medical exam comprises of day or a two. Once you have been selected by the company, buy your trailer and rig according to their requirements. Most affordable type of rig is of 10.71 tons, having spring loaded dove tail and a tandem axle. These specifications are well suited for most of the shipper’s requirements. Buy the truck that is dually and diesel. Gas engine truck is not suitable because gas as a fuel does not last long and you need to refill the gas after short intervals. According to your affordability, select the longest and biggest truck. Longer trucks give you better riding experience. If you have cabin, you can easily sleep in it after the delivery.

After you have got the truck, let Department of Transportation check your truck. After inspection, you will receive stickers that your truck and its trailer have met the requirements. After completing all these tasks, now you can talk to terminal manager for your first job. Note down trucking company’s requirement in a notebook so that you can take help from notebook if you forget anything.



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