How Much Does it Cost to Start a Social Networking Site

With the success and popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hi5 and other such sites, the cost of starting a social networking site is getting lower all the time. If you plan to start a social site, you should know the figures for how much does it cost to start a social networking site?

People have different reasons for starting a site, such as for your community soccer club without any financial considerations, or you want to make some money so you plan to start a niche community website for a selected group of people, or you want to start a huge site such as Facebook, with very ambitious financial gains.

The purpose of all social networking sites is the same, i.e. to provide online sharing for members of the community. So you need to determine your target market (age, demography, location). Next decide what type of modules of features you will integrate in the social site, which language is the site going to be in, how many users you think you will attract during the next 12-24 months. You can also avail the option of developing an application in Facebook instead of starting a new social networking site.

For how much does it cost to start a social networking site, you should already know as with most sites nowadays you will find great solutions that are free of cost, free plug-ins which are always viable as a start-up for “just for fun” sites. However, if you are planning a large site, you should consider better solutions. It would devastate you that your software platform has been abandoned and updates will no longer be available.

Social networking sites can be started for as little as $500/- right up to $100,000/- all depending upon your requirements. For a fully programmed social networking site, all customs code small firms charge between $3000-4000/- plus the setup and hosting charges and maintenance fee. The designer/developer will also charge you monthly if you want regular maintenance.

For how much does it cost to start a social networking site, we suggest that i t is easy to create your own site considering the options available. To minimize costs you need a DIY (Do it yourself) solution. With some pre-built programs you don’t need a lot of technical skills or programming knowledge. You can add your own features, brand your network and add what you think necessary, free of cost.



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