How to Promote Your Cleaning Service Business

A cleaning service business needs good promotion and marketing to be noticed by potential clients and attract their attention.Promoting plays a very crucial role in making a business profitable and successful.

Any business big or small cannot succeed unless it is properly promoted in the right circles and the directed towards the targeted clientele to ensure sales. From the smallest and low budget means to highest and costly means, there is a lot that can be done to promote your venture.

As you are starting on small scale from home, you might not have too much money to put up for advertising. However, it is necessary to remember, that you will have to keep aside a substantial amount for advertising and promotion as without it, you cannot expect the business to take off.

Tips to Promote a Cleaning Service Business
Here are a few tips that will help to promote your cleaning service business in a limited budget very effectively.

  • Classified ads are a nice way to promote your cleaning service and they work exceptionally well. Advertise in local newspaper or weekly shopper for good exposure consistently to draw clients.
  • Run ads in various newspapers in the beginning and advertise heavily in the one that yields the best results. Check out other cleaning ads in the paper and make your ad as attractive and unique as possible. Offer some kind of scheme or discount service on early contact.
  • Have flyers and brochures distributed to homes and businesses that can avail your cleaning services. As you are not a big enterprise and do not have the professional equipment to take on big projects, it is advised that you stick to small businesses and homes to find clients.
  • Flyers and brochures are a good way to attract customer attention as they can say a lot about your business along with images. Try to write a very convincing and unique copy that sounds sincere and motivates customers to contact you for their cleaning job. These flyers and brochures do not have to be an expensive affair; you can get them printed out of your own computers and color printer.
  • Get a website and have it listed on search engines so that when customers in your town look for service providers in their areas, your website is fond easily. Websites play a very crucial role in attracting customers and you can talk all about yourself and your services in the website and even add testimonials of satisfied clients.
  • Get your poster or one page flyer listed on the local community or library board. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to promote your cleaning service. Hundreds of people come and go in community center and library and even if ten of them chose to contact you, it can lead to good profits.
  • Get your businesses cards printed and have them distributed in the right circles. Ask family and friends to pass along the cards to people who might be in search of cleaners. Make sure to include your contact information on the cards.
  • Get listed in yellow pages and telephone directories in the right categories as many people search them to find services.

Remember, even a small scale and home based cleaning service business needs proper advertising to promote it and earn good profits.These tips to promote your cleaning service business are both economical and bound to give good results and help in attracting more customers for a rewarding career.


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